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Welcome to the Shenfield Cricket Club Fantasy League

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4 batters, 4 bowlers, 2 all rounders and a keeper within your £55m budget. Pick a captain to score double points.


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Welcome to the Shenfield CC Fantasy Cricket League

Team Manager Points
 1Got the runs Tom Austin3816
 2Boundary BashersAdrian Ballington3685
 3Omani ExtremistsKliber Jnr3650
 4Best Player HereOllie Ekers3620
 5Sals‘ SixersSals Snr3527
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All Rounders
Name Value Points
 1John Walter£5.0m494
 2James Salisbury £5.0m278
 3James Burgess£7.0m251
 4Duncan Southcott £4.0m218
 5Ryan Plom£4.0m185
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Name Value Points
 1Tony Bukhari£6.0m526
 2Oliver Ives£4.0m348
 3Arshad Ali£5.5m331
 4Richard Abson-Bennett£3.5m258
 5Cameron Spicer£3.5m159
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Name Value Points
 1Haris Mahmood£6.0m542
 2Tom Austin£4.0m268
 3Suhaib Sarwar£5.5m260
 4Matt Salisbury£7.0m196
 5Harsh Kumar£5.5m153
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Name Value Points
 1Jack Kliber£5.0m282
 2Jack Potticary £5.0m278
 3Lewis Southcott£2.5m179
 4Garry Sapsford£3.0m97
 5Hari Prasad£2.0m0
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Game 23 Stats

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